We wanted to create a website where everyone could access reviews to apps they were thinking about purchasing, and get a second opinion on them. It’s kind of like a hot-or-not for iPhone and iPod touch apps. We try to be really direct: we liked this app or we didn’t, here’s why, and here’s what the developer can do to make it better. We also believe in second chances: if an app got a bad review the first time, and makes a great update, we will update our review. We rate apps out of ten possible points based on these factors:

  • User Interface/Look
  • Stability
  • Concept (Uniqueness)
  • Reuse Value
  • Graphics (Games only)
  • Overall zest

We also compare it to other apps of the same genre to see how it measures up. Generally, any app that gets an 8 out of 10 or above is an app worth getting. It may have one or two drawbacks (e.g: high price), but overall it’s a great application. From 7 to 8 is usually an okay app, nothing special, but could be worth it if you are looking for an app of this genre. A 6 or below isn’t too hot, but you should always check the date of the review, as there could have been a big update we’ve missed.

Aside from just reviews, we’ll also include videos of fancy apps and tricks on iPod Touch and iPhone. We’re the bloggers running this (Sam, Victor, and Jeff). Jeff does iDevice app Reviews, Victor does iDevice app Reviews and some field reporting for tech articles, and Sam does a little bit of everything. Questions or comments? Contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Zach Wolf

    This site rocks

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