iFlyZED Review

Price: $19.99–Developer: IT International–OS: iOS–iFlyZED is an application that allows you to view the seat availability on any flight. It is especially useful for airline employees travelling on other airlines through the ZED program (hence the name), but has a variety of other uses: if you are a frequent flier, this app gives you an idea as to whether or not you will be upgraded. Let me jump in by saying that this is the only app on the App Store that can do this. I even searched the Google Play Store, and found nothing of this nature. There used to be a website that would let airline employees check other airlines’ flights, but the site closed down recently. Since iFlyZED is an independent source, it was unaffected, and it is now the only remaining option to check availability for all flights. Searching for flights is easy: just type in your origin and destination airport, the date you want to fly, and you’re good to go. Afterwards, the search results are presented to you, ordered by departure time. One of the problems I had with this app is the lack of options: search results are presented to you in plain text, with no option to sort by any criteria, to search only nonstops, or to search just one specific airline. iFlyZED also includes a city index for airport codes, in case you don’t know the airport code for the city you’re searching for. This is a very useful feature, but you cannot search by city, you have to scroll through the list for each letter. Airlines are the same, except that there is more information provided when it comes to each airline. This feature, like the two others I just mentioned, felt “dumbed-down”.  I also had problems with the app when I was connected to wi-fi, and a message would come up saying that I’m not connected to the internet, but when I would close the application and restart it, the search results would be right there. iFlyZED doesn’t provide enough information on flights either: it doesn’t tell you what kind of plane a flight is scheduled on in the search results, doesn’t have a built in calendar when selecting dates, and doesn’t let you check round trips or multi city flights. Twenty bucks is an exorbitant price for an app lacking these features.

Overall, iFlyZED is a very unique application, offering a concept that isn’t offered anywhere else on the app store, but apart from that, it doesn’t offer much. If you are looking for an app that gives you flight availability for any airline, this will be the only way to go, but apart from that, don’t expect anything too exciting out of iFlyZED’s interface or features. A few interface tweaks, as well as adding some new features (maybe based off of this amazing flight booking site/app), would make iFlyZED stellar, but at this point, it gets a 6 out of 10 from me.


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