Boost 2 Review

Developer: Jonathan Lanis–Price: $0.99/$1.99–OS: iPhone, Android–Boost 2 is a tunnel racing game for iPhone and Android. The word “tunnel” in that last sentence is key, as it makes Boost 2 very unique, both in terms of concept and gameplay. It is a 3D game where you race throught tunnels, avoiding obstacles, and trying to slide on the arrows to gain speed. The interesting thing is that you aren’t guiding an object that you can see, all you can see is what’s ahead. The camera view is comparable to sitting on top of the object you are in control of.
There are four different game modes: survival, time trial, multiplayer, and classic. Survival mode is locked until the player gets at least 2,000 points in time trial. I found time trial very difficult, as there are a great deal of obstacles that snap out at you after about ten seconds, so good luck to anyone hoping to unlock survival mode. The graphics in this game are good, and the obstacles are always different colors, so as you advance in the game, it seems as if you are immersed in a rainbow. This game is pretty basic, but the various modes enhance replay value. Nevertheless, two dollars for this game on Android seems a bit steep, as its roughly as entertaining as a free game in the long term, especially on Google Play, where a plethora of free games are available.
Overall, Boost 2 is a decent game. It brings a new concept to the table, various modes are available, and the colors and graphics give the game some more dazzle. Still, it does get redundant after a while, and it isn’t a game I would want to play too much after a while. This is why it gets a 7.5 out of 10.


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