Kensington SlimBlade Media Set

I’m typing right now. You’re probably scrolling through this review. Keyboards and mice are most likely the most undervalued accessories to computers; after all, without them, you can’t use your computer. The Kensington SlimBlade media set is on the higher end of the spectrum as far as keyboards go, and you can tell by the price tag. A hundred and thirty bucks isn’t cheap for a keyboard, numeric keypad, and mouse, but the toll on your wallet is made up with all of the great features that are packed with these products. First, off: WIRELESS. That’s right. Not a wire to be seen with this. It keeps your desk completely clutter free and adds a great deal of spunk to any workspace. The keyboard and numeric keypad are magnetic on the sides, meaning you can attach the keypad wherever you please. The numeric keypad has its own batteries, so you can even leave it detached (it gets signal from up to 30 feet away). As for the keyboard itself, it has a slim form factor, with a metallic frame and embossed plastic top. The keys are average, but not as slim as an Apple’s keyboard. After testing it out for a while, I thought the keys were a little cramped: all of them are stuck together, making it difficult to type quickly. There are five keys at the top left that can be used to eject a DVD, play music, save something, open up gadgets/dashboard, and search. These buttons were very stiff for some reasons, and their design was somewhat awkward and inconsistent with the rest of the product. The keyboard is optimized for both Windows and Mac, meaning you get the best of both worlds (start and command keys…yes!).

The set also includes a slim Kensington mouse. It’s a dark grey like the rest of the set, and it was very flat to my surprise. After some getting used to, it was just like every other mouse. My only pet peeve is the scroll ball: it’s very noisy when you so much as touch it, and didn’t scroll from side to side on my test unit. The plastic on the mouse seems to attract fingerprints as well, which makes the mouse look dirty. I liked the rubber grips on the sides, though, and the weight of the mouse was minimal, making it easy to travel with. The USB adapter also fits neatly inside the battery compartment, with easy access (I can’t say that “easy access” part about most of the wireless mice I’ve seen). The set also consists of a media remote, which also attaches to the keyboard magnetically, and can be puchased seperately. Overall, this set is pretty sweet. Even though it’s got a hefty price tag attached to it, I really enjoyed the products’ innovative designs, and Kensington’s attention to detail (batteries included!). The wireless mouse could use some touch ups, but the three products go very well together and add a kick of style to any computer. That’s why this product gets an 8.5 out of 10.


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