Archetype Review

Publisher: Villain LLC — Price: $0.99 — Archetype is a first person shooter game, set in a futuristic world , where an invasion is currently take place. The controls of the game are similar to games of the same nature such as Eliminate Pro and Call of Duty Zombies. You navigate by moving forward and backward with the left side, and you use the right side to control the direction that you are facing. You fire by moving the crosshairs right over your target, and then you start to automatically fire. Unlike Eliminate Pro, there is no offline playing besides training, which consists of shooting down non moving targets, which tends to get monotonous often. One thing I do commend about the game is its graphics. The graphics are actually nice, and make the game look elegant and sleek when you are playing it. The user interface is actually pretty cool. The put an Android 3.0 -esque honeycomb like interface in which the pages angle as you flip them. The user interface is sleek and elegant like the game itself. The game is online based, and really has generally no offline appeal. Generally, this game really offers nothing new to the table conceptually, and as a result, there is really nothing to distinguish it from other games such as Eliminate, which are free. The game has a team mode, in which you and a team have to help capture some flags, or there is a solo or free for all mode, where the objective is to just kill everyone. Respawning is similar to other shooting games. You respawn in a different place by just tapping the  screen. Overall, I feel like that the game is nice, elegant, and well made, it just doesn’t bring anything new. It is virtually the same as any other futuristic shooting game, and for that reason, I give a 7.5 out of 10.


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