Jane’s Hotel 2

Publisher: G5 Entertainment- Price: $4.99- Jane’s Hotel 2 retro arcade game that has the player restore the honor of Jane’s once popular family chain of hotels. This game consists of staggering graphics and addicting game-play. You will control Jane and use your finger to make customers happy by serving them drinks, newspapers and vacuuming their hotel rooms. This app is plain and original like other apps but difference is that the fun endless with the 60 fast-paced levels.

As you progress throughout the game, you will accumulate money and will be able to buy new items to enhance your hotel’s appearance and working pace. Jane is not the only person in your hotel you are able to control, you will also be able to control a mechanic (to fix the drink machine) and a maid (to vacuum the hotel rooms). The user-interface for this game is great, and never lags and the buttons always respond when you click it. Once you pay off your debt in one city of the hotel, there are more hotels in other cities such as, England, Japan and France you need to pay your debt off in. A few downsides of the game is it is really repetitive sometimes as every level is almost the same exact game play except there will be more people. The upgrades for the maid and mechanics are the same but the items are sometimes different. This game is good but could use a better variety of upgrades and more items to play with. Overall this game is good but could be better, it gets an 8 out of 10.


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