Virtual City Playground

Publisher: G5 Entertainment—Price: Free—Virtual City Playground is a retro arcade game that boasts superior graphics  and addicting game play. This app is available for iPhone and iPad, as the player you build your own city from scratch starting with 50,000 coins. In order to slowly level up and gain more money, you will need to reach the objectives and goals so you can level up. This game has endless game play as you first start building farms that produce crops shipped to factories that are shipped to bakery which produce the food. After that the food is then shipped to a supermarket to earn money.

The game starts out a little slow, as there is no tutorial, but there is a help section on the main menu that teaches you everything about the game. I advise players to follow the goals, as I did not follow the objectives first and was stuck with no money in the end. You can’t just focus on the goals, though, as you will try to build factories for cosmetics, appliances, automobiles and food products. G5 entertainment introduced food chains, which produce the crops to flour to pie and then to the supermarket for sale. In the game there are buses (used to transport people to supermarkets), trucks (transport supplies within the food chain), and dumpsters (collecting garbage across your city). Also not only do you have to make your city rich, you will also have to maintain the city, as the happiness of the population is extremely important. As long with the happiness factor in the games there is an environment factor, which glows red when you built too many factories. This game is extremely fun and is a must have for Itouch, ipad users out there. The app has a great re-play value as there are many different types of food chains for you to master. Virtual City Playground is extremely addicting drawing me back to play the app every time trying to expand my city. The There are some problems to this app such as the loading time takes around 5-30 minutes depending how large your city is. Also the user-interface is okay due to the lag and sensitivity of the game. The app has a flaw since there is an energy bar, each time you build a building it uses up one energy. The problem is that you run out of energy too quickly (around 3-5 min. of game play) and then you have to wait for a few hours for the energy to replenish back. This app is one of the best apps I have played so far but due to some major flaws it gets an 8.5 out of 10!

My city first started out like this:

This is what my city looks like after completing all the goals (the pics are all sections of my city):


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