Camtasia Review

Publisher: TechSmith–Price: $99.99–Camtasia is a screen recording application for OS X. Notable features include simultaneous webcam and screen recording, a good mix of animations, and great online help videos. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have great editing tools. Using the app is simple, when you open it up, a menu shows up to get you recording fast. You can tweak a couple of settings, and then you’re ready to go. Video quality can go up to your screen resolution, even though you can capture just a small area of your screen. As soon as you’re finished, the editing area comes, which is the most substantial part of the application. There are an array of animations that are available to you, from transitions to speech bubbles to text. The inspector panel on the right lets you tweak every aspect of your project, from sound to media to text properties. With that said, there are definitely missing pieces in this area compared to other software, like iMovie. For example, captions would be a great add-on. Screenflow has more choices when it comes to transitions, and it really boosts the quality of your final product. The exporting process is a breeze, and offers many file formats and video encodings, it even includes Windows Media format (WM9 encoding)! There are also direct links to publishing to Youtube, Vimeo, and Flash in the File menu. Overall, Camtasia is a decent app. It boasts good recording capabilities, including simultaneous with webcam and screen recording, and high customization when it comes to exporting, but the process in between is missing some lust, and ninety nine bucks is pretty cheap. This is why it gets a 6.5 out of 10.


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  1. I personally use Camtica, I think it is one of the best screen recording software. Check it out:

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