Real Racing 2 Review

Publisher: Firemint Pty Ltd — Price:$4.99 — Real Racing 2 is app that is by far the highest quality racing app I have seen made for the iPod touch/ iPhone medium. They far surpass the previous attempts at racing, and make the previous attempts (with the exception of the Need for Speed series) look like amateurs. The best feature by far is the graphics. The graphics have absolutely blown me away. The graphics for each aspect of the app are fantastic. Typically racing games focus their main graphics on the cars, but Real Racing 2 is sensational in every single detail. The cars look exquisite, as they are dressed to impress, meaning that they look exactly like their real life mechanical counterparts, down to the tail lights. As far as gameplay is concerned, it is pretty standard for a racing game. Acceleration is automatic and your car is steered by the accelerometer. There are two modes in the game, a career mode and a quick race mode. The career mode allows you to unlock more cars and you compete in tournaments. Also, you can earn money in order to bolster the characteristics and specs of your car, or just upgrade performance in general. You can also unlock extra racing tracks in career mode.  Overall, Real Racing is fairly high quality racing app by most standards, but the one place where it really excels is graphics, so it gets a 10 out of 10.



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