iPhone 4S: Hot or Not?

Apple recently released the iPhone 4S. Everyone’s initial reaction to the new product was “okay.” It seems like no one thinks it’s anything special because it doesn’t have a big design change or a jump in quality like the one from iPhone 3GS to 4. Or is it just because Steve Jobs wasn’t there to release it with a bang? We’ll delve into the depths of this new iPhone in order to see if it’s that great.

  1. DESIGN: As everyone knows, there really isn’t a change here, it’s the same as the iPhone 4. There’s no change in screen size or thin design like many people would have anticipated. Of course, both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are available on Sprint now, which means more options when it comes to carrier choice.
  2. BRAWN: There were some changes on the inside. iPhone 4S now has an 8MP camera that can shoot video in full HD. It also has a dual core processor and dual core graphics, which is a nice improvement. Android and Windows Phones have had this stuff for a while now, though.
  3. OPERATING SYSTEM: iOS 5 is due to release on the twelfth, so until then, we can’t really say how the OS will be.
  4. SIRI: From what we’ve heard, the service works well. I bet this will make the iPhone 4S a must-have for owners of older iPhone models. For some reason, it isn’t coming to the iPhone 4.
  5. PRICE: Same thing. $199 is the cheapest. The iPhone 4 is at $99 now, so that may be a deal to look out for. The iPhone 3GS is free on AT&T, but it’s so behind these days feature-wise, that you couldn’t pay me to buy that one.
Overall, the word “same” came up quite a bit as I was writing this article. The product itself is great, but this new release really isn’t. What I mean is, people that are going to buy an iPhone are going to buy it because it’s an iPhone they want, they won’t care about this new release. Apple is being annoying when it comes to Siri: why can’t it run on iPhone 4? Anyway, hopefully iPhone 5/6 will be better *sigh*.


  1. Salman Khan

    Finally, the new Iphone 4S is here. Everything looks good, and I think I am going to get it, however, I may just wait for the Iphone 5.

  2. iphone 5

    Good posting. stuff like this has been good news, and a great deal recently.

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