Dream Track Nation Review

Publisher: Chillingo Ltd., — Price:$0.99 — Dream Track Nation is an app that brings a new twist to racing games. Although it is played on 2D, it’s captivating gameplay and user interface help strengthen it’s appeal. You are basically in a car, but you ride on these topsy-turvy slopes that make the game much more fun. You can unlock new cars, as well as new regions. You start out with one region, Texas, but can unlock Alaska, New York, and much more. What makes the game fun is simply the gameplay. It is different from other racing games because it is much more animated, and not as much focused on the speed or the car but rather the track itself, and riding it. The main goal of each level is to collect the stars on the level, and land at the final destination correctly. The main powerup offered initially in the game is the red booster, which will increase your speed, and through that, it will allow you to stick to the surface when you are going vertical or upside down. A creative aspect in the game is the vehicles. What I mean is that the vehicles are quite abstract, and although they may not apply to your current predicament in the game, they altogether make the game more fun. There is also a build function on Dream Track Nation which will allow you to create different structures. Overall, Dream Track Nation is a fun and intuitive racing game, with a different type of UI than most games, and because of its novel quality, I give it a 9 out of 10.


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