Tweetbot Review

Publisher: Tapbots–Price: $2.99–Twitter’s been abuzz on mobile devices since day one. Apple is integrating it in iOS 5, Microsoft will have Tweet@rama (a Twitter client) in Windows 8, an Android probably isn’t too far off from integrating Twitter, too. In the meantime, though, you’re going to need a robust Twitter client to hold you over, and Tweetbot is perfect. It’s not just a boring client that has a couple of tabs and tweeting functionality, it’s loads more. The interface is the best part of the app, without a doubt, thanks to the robotic style and sounds, and I liked how the last two tabs were customizable. Composing a tweet is easy, and the functionality that Tweetbot offers when it comes to tweets is unparalleled. Each time you start writing a tweet, it is automatically saved as a draft, which you can access at any time. I also loved the auto-complete when you try to mention someone, it’s a real time-saver. Hashtags are exactly the same, once you type “#” a small bar shows up between the keyboard and your tweet, and it generates search results of popular hashtags based on what you’ve typed so far. I’ve noticed that the app popups do extend their welcome sometimes, like in the second screenshot below. Tweetbot also has the pluses that everyone wants in a Twitter client, like a built-in web browser (which was complete and versatile), and even unique extras like the customizable triple tap function. Overall, Tweetbot’s pretty darn good. With the native Twitter app out there for free on the app store, a Twitter client that’s three bucks really has to be up to par, and Tweetbot really does make the cut. It makes you want to use Twitter even more often. Though the app itself is amazing, I would suggest lowering the price by about a dollar, which would make it truly perfect. That’s why it gets a 9.5 out of 10.


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