BannerZest Pro

Publisher: Aquafadas–Price: $129–BannerZest Pro is a Mac and PC App that allows you to design great banners for your website. With its drag and drop interface, it’s at the cutting edge of modern Mac applications, and the final product made with this app is just amazing. The price is a little on the high side, but there is a standard version that keeps your wallet more intact. Of course, you’re going to be sacrificing some of the more advanced features of the app. We’ll be reviewing the Pro version here. As with most of the built-in Mac apps, the app opens up with a welcome screen, which includes links to tutorial, which are relevant and help speed up the learning process. To start, you just need to drop some images, in order to use them in your banner. The new version, BannerZest 3, integrates both HTML5 and Flash, meaning you can see what your banner looks like in either mode. The themes offered in this app are abundant and interesting: included is a Cover Flow theme which I loved. There is an abundance of themes for Flash, but way less that support HTML5, which is a bummer. Aside from themes, the app has a bunch of other additional features, like the ability to add songs, and settings, to tweak your banner in every aspect: from size to animations. And of course, the fourth tab in the inspector allows you to publish your work, either via a MobileMe Server or FTP. This wasn’t easy to do, and the tutorials really weren’t much help. You can always save your work, and go back to modifying it later, but the publishing process could really be improved. Overall, BannerZest is a great app. It boasts a great interface, a unique concept, and a jaw-dropping final product. Of course, one hundred twenty nine bucks is quite the price, and I’m not quite sure it’s worth that high of an investment if you’re just in the market to try one. You can download a trial here, or get the standard version for $49. Aside from some tweaks (like making the publishing process easier), and adding some more HTML5 themes, this app is pretty hot. 9 out of 10.


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