XY7 Review

Publisher: Dark Shadow Games — Price: $0.99 — XY7 is an attack fighter game similar to games like to space fighter games. You are in control of one fighter and you are armed with an initial laser. Your goal is to destroy and blow up alien attack fighters. The laser shooter automatically fires, but the enemy also fires back. Your laser only fires straight, while the enemy lasers can fire in any direction. You can upgrade your firearms when you get enough credits from the training program. You earn credits by blasting different enemies. Some enemies take longer to take out because they are higher quality, and may even have shields around them. You manuever your vehicle by using the accelerometer to move from left to right. This is app is not very exciting  because it is essentially the same process over and over again, but it is not addictive like other games that have this trait. The graphics are pretty decent though, as they can depict the scene without lagging. Overall, XY7 is a nice app, but it has a little monotonous gameplay. The replay value itself is not very high, and the user interface is not very intutive. The app doesn’t really offer anything new in terms of quality and concept. Hence, it gets a 7.


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