Photo 365 Review

Publisher: Ben Hsu–Price: $0.99–Photo 365 is a calendar app where a photo describes each of your days on a calendar. You can take a picture with your camera, or pick one from your library. The result is nice: a collage of your pictures with a calendar overlay. You can put some text as a caption under the image, which is useful. You can also share your images on popular social networking sites. As far as functionality, that’s pretty much it. I thought this application was missing some stuff. It’s a photo calendar, but it doesn’t really elaborate on one of the concepts. For example, if it focused more on photo, it should have photo editing and enhancing capabilities, but if it is aspiring to become a calendar app, it should sync with iCal, and other desktop calendars (like Google Calendar). Overall, Photo 365 is an okay application. For the price, it offers a unique new concept, but doesn’t really have that much functionality. My suggestion to the developer is to add syncing capabilities with other, more conventional, calendar applications, and some photo editing capabilities. Despite this, Photo 365 is fun to use, and helps me remember what family member’s birthday it is that day:) Photo 365 gets a 7.5 out of 10.


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