Jets Review

Publisher: Alex Strelets–Price: $2.99–Jets is an application which allows you to view your flight’s seat map, and gives you advice on where to sit. The app is really elegant, and the “shake to find a random flight feature” is very entertaining, but the database is lacking a good deal of planes and airlines, and the price seems a bit high.

My first impression of this application was very high, as the interface of this app is jaw-dropping. Every part of this app follows a retro airplane timetable theme, which I thought was creative and unique. To start out all you have to do is type a flight number, find your plane, or just shake your iDevice to find a random flight. Of course, simplicity isn’t always the best thing: all the app does apart from seat maps is display a departure and arrival time for the flight. This is the area where I thought needed some improvement. For three dollars, the app could at least give you an up-to-date schedule on the flight you want to take. After all, this other flight app we reviewed had flight schedules, gates, a flight map, and a seat map (though the seat map was of low quality). Still, Jets needs to step it up when it comes to additional features. The seat maps themselves were great: they were accurate, and you could tap on each seat to see details on whether it’s a good seat. For example, if you tap on a red seat, one of the cons was “can get cold near exit.” I felt like Jets really encompassed all of the pros and cons of varying seats on a plane. The problem, though, is that there are lots of planes missing from the database, and the app seems useless when it doesn’t have a seat map for the plane you happen to be taking:) I trust this will change with updates. Overall, Jets is okay. It boasts an elegant user interface and a unique approach to airplane seating, but the features are limited for the price, and planes are missing. This is why it gets a 7.5 out of 10.


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