Djay Review

Publisher: algoriddim GmbH — Price:$0.99 — Djay is an app that resembles a DJ turntable setup that is made for the iPod/iPhone medium. One cool thing that I noticed right off the bat was that adjusts to portrait, unlike Tap DJ, although there is only one table present on the screen. Albeit I tried not to, I couldn’t help but compare this app with TapDJ. The user interface on Tap DJ was cleaner and simpler, but this app is more professional and closer to actual turntables. Djay allows you to play songs from your iPod and scratch them and mix them for varied amusement. Some effects including fading from one song to the next, speeding up you song, and slowing it down. You can also set points to create a loop which can bring the song back to at anypoint. Some problems that I noticed witht the app is that for novices, scratching might be a little rough at first because if your hand moves a little to far you will end moving the song to a completely different place. A cool feature that I like on this app the automix feature, which will automatically mix two of your songs. You can even record this mix by using the record feature on the top of the screen. In terms of UI, some of the features are difficult to navigate to, but other than that, everything is pretty simple and straight forward onthis app. One thing I really like that cannot be found on Tap DJ is that you can adjust the slider, MIDI, and vinyl settings. The app is stable, and the graphics are atually nice and clear. The graphics make the app look nice and clean, as well as more structured and professional. Overall, DJay is a creative app that explores a frontier on the iPod, and it actually looks nice and clean cut, so I am giving it a 8.5 out of 10.


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