Rock Band Reloaded Review

Publisher: EA–Price: $4.99–Rock Band Reloaded is EA’s Guitar Hero for the iDevice. You’ve got 4 different instruments to play (guitar, bass, drums, and voice), and a bunch of different songs to choose from. Similarly to Tap Tap, the player has to hit the button once the note is at the bottom of the screen, but for the voice mode, you can pick between tapping notes or going karaoke. Personally, I thought karaoke was one of the funnest parts of the game, as it works with just a regular microphone, and it’s loads of fun. Even the worst singing voice will get you loads of points (trust me). Before playing karaoke, the game prompts you to use headphones for best results, but the iDevice’s mic works fine, as long as there’s limited noise around you. The game itself is pretty self explanatory, apart from one thing in touch mode: it tells you to shake you device at one point, but there is no indication as to when to shake and in what direction. One thing I can critique: don’t buy this game for the graphics; they were pretty awful. The humans in the background were always pixellated, and even the titles were a little wonky. This really needs to be improved. There are fifteen songs right off the bat, with more you can get for free. There are some songs for ninety nine cents, which I think is a good price, but I hope there will be more selection. The full total of all the songs in the game is 35, and it’s missing some pretty important artists and songs. Rock Band Reloaded also has a world tour mode, where your band goes up the ropes and tours in cities, and it was great fun. Overall, Rock Band Reloaded is a good game. It boasts a variety of different modes, and the vocal play is both intuitive and entertaining. Unfotunately, the graphics aren’t good (to say the least), and it doesn’t have enough songs. This is why it gets a 7.5 out of 10.


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