Fruity Jelly

Publisher: Bulky Pix- Price:$0.99- Fruity Jelly is a arcade iDevice app that offers an entertaining arcade experience. This app has sensational graphics, stunning game play, and an incredible user-interface. This app is based on when the spike king destroys the “Village of Jellies” and you play as a blue jelly to save the day. You will need to eat the fruits scattered throughout the maze challenges and also collect stars along the way while dodging obstacles.

There is a tutorial in the beginning of the game teaching you the controls and what the objectives are. As you encounter new objects and obstacles, there will be side notes telling you the controls or what to watch out for. The game has very simple controls such as tilting the iDevice to move the blue jelly and rotating the maze using the touch controls. The game progressively gets more difficult as the fruits are harder to collect and the spikes move a lot faster. A great feature is the Fruit Jelly supports all Retina Display devices (Iphone 4, Itouch and iPad 2) so that the player can appreciate brighter and more colorful graphics. The game has an endless amount of fun with 40 action-packed levels. Fruit Jelly will also have regular updates that feature new worlds and levels so that the fun will never end. Since Fruity Jelly features awesome game play, graphics and user-interface, it deserves a 9 out of 10.


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