Contre Jour

Publisher: Chillingo Ltd- Price: $0.99- Contre Jour is unique puzzle app that is similar to Cut the Rope for iDevices. In Contre Jour your goal is to guide a bizarre creature named Petit to safety and collect sparkling blue objects on the way. This app has stunning graphics, breathtaking game play and a phenomenal user-interface. In the beginning of the app there will be a tutorial walkthrough teaching you all the controls  for level 1.

In Contre Jour you will be using your finger to morph the landscape and swiping or taping objects such as pulleys, tendrils and air geysers to help Petit. As the levels progress, it will get more and more difficult to guide Petit to safety. There will be a barrage of obstacles that will stand in your way. This app features sixty unique levels and will keep you entertained for hours. Contre Jour also presents an amazing and original soundtrack by David Ari Leon during Petit’s journey. The game play is extremely easy to follow, and user-interface does not lag a lot. The only down part to the app is that it is kind of difficult to morph the landscape. Other than that little flaw everything is amazing in this app! This app deserves a 9.5 out of 10.


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