Pulpmotion Advanced Review


Publisher: Aquafadas–Price: $129.99–Pulpmotion is a video editing application for Mac. Though the style may remind you of iMovie, Pulpmotion itself is not at all like iMovie: it uses themes, has much more powerful editing tools, and it gives you more control over
the final product. The themes in Pulpmotion are just fantastic: there are tons to choose from, even more to download, and you can tweak each one to your liking. The problem is you can only add one theme for the whole project, which gives the final product an air of redundancy. This is definitely something to change in future versions. What I did like were the export options and quality. You could export a project in 1080p HD, and choose a variety of places to export your final product to, like Facebook, Youtube, Garageband, and more. The real downer with this app is by far its stability. I experienced at least 3 crashes in testing, and more times when it was unresponsive for a while. Aside from fixing the crashing issues, the developer should have an autosave function, that saves your project every few minutes, so as to limit the work lost when the app crashes. Of course, no crashes at all would be more pleasant:) Overall, Pulpmotion is quite the application. The themes are great, customization is awesome, and the tutorials are good, too. Also, the support team is great, and they’re always there to help and answer any questions you may have. The advanced version gives you extra features, like full layout customization, and access to some more themes, but comes at a price (the standard version only costs fifty dollars). I would definitely recommend Pulpmotion, because it’s a unique app with a great interface, and the final porduct looks amazing. Of course, $130 is a pretty hefty price, but there is a trial that you can download off of the website, so you don’t have to invest all that money blindly. Stability is a crucial problem, which is why the app gets an 8 out of 10.



  1. iPhone Leaks

    Greater Game for iPhone & iPod ,…… Thanx for Updating

  2. Sorry to disagree…. can’t seem to get it to export any videos on my presentation. I get the audio but not the image. I have tried every format and nothing changes……frustrating.

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