King Camera Review

Publisher: — Price:$1.99 — King Camera is an app that takes the typical essence and features of a camera app, and simply just adds more. The app is filled with fun special effects that can turn your photo into a different picture. One aspect of the app that I find not so appealing is the complicated and hard to use interface. Though, the app is filled with special effects, these effects are hard to understand and access at first. Being at ease with the app is something that most likely takes a certain amount of time. Some of the effects, to be honest, are hard to differentiate for an amateur like me. Theya ll look like different ways to change the color of your picture. However, I have not tried all the features, so my perspective could be a bit biased as a result of my limited experience. The app does have some unique and useful features such as constant picture taker for a set time, a camera that acts based on a sound meter, and a rapid fire camera. Even though the app does have a dull interface, and a rather boring theme, the effects more than make up for it. I say if you are into editing, get it now because it has an immense amount of features for a great price. Overall, this app gets an 8.5 out of 10.



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