Wild Taxi

Publisher: Faw_zz  —  Price:$0.99  — Wild Taxi is an app which takes you back to the old arcade game era. The game is simple and reminiscent of classic computer games, complete with the arrow and space bar control. The arrows can be toggled to switch to accelerometer mode and back.  The controls are easy to follow, with the arrow keys/ accelerometer to change direction, and the space bar to jump. You increase your speed and the number of cars as you move up along the road. The graphics are purposely grainy, as to give an aged impression. The gameplay is fairly easy, and isn’t hard to follow at all. One feature that is decent is that you can upload your scores to your facebook, or other social media. You can’t resume your level if you exit the game, which displays that this app is incapable of multitasking.  The game basically constitutes of you using the arrow keyes to avoid incoming cars, or using the spacebar to jump over cars. The app lacks intrigue after a while, and tends to become monotonous. Nevertheless, the app is good for a short ime period of captivitating gameplay. Overall , wild taxi is traditional arcade game brought to the iPhone platform that while failing to amaze, is good for some fun play. I give it an 8 out of 10.


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