Splice Review

Publisher: Path 36, LLC–Price: $3.99–With all of the iDevices having cameras, most people are going to need a video editing application at some point, when the weak capabilities that iOS offers just won’t seem like enough (it’s pretty much just cropping). Splice is one of the only iMovie style apps on the App Store, and it’s at a nifty price, but you’ll have to put up with tiny buttons. Splice starts up with some links to Youtube tutorials, which give you an idea on the app’s interface and capabilities. It’s easy to start, just add pictures and video, and transitions are automatically added in between. There are six transitions to choose from, and they’re all pretty basic. Some creative transitions would definitely be a plus for Splice. On the downside, Splice didn’t have any features for photo editing: it could only crop and do a ken burns effect, no photo editing beyond that (rotate, zoom, etc.). Titles could also be added, but the customization was again low. Audio control was very good, you could add music (from your iPod or the Splice library), narration, and even sound effects to your project (some are included in the app, others are available for purchase in the Splice Store). You can also export your final project in 720p HD (if you have a retina display iDevice). The Splice store is useful in the sense that it offers lots of media to choose from, but 99 cents for a decorative border is pretty expensive when the whole app is four bucks. Overall, Splice is okay. For four bucks, it has great audio capabilities, but seemed to lack some customization and photo editing features. This is why it gets a 7.5 out of 10.



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