IM+ Pro Review

Publisher: SHAPE Services GmbH–Price: $5.99–IM+ is an app that allows you to socialize in one place. It integrates all of your accounts (Skype, Facebook, Twitter, gtalk, etc.) so you can chat from just one app. I for one hate jumping from app to app, which is why the concept of IM+ is quite appealing. Setup is easy as pie: just choose the accounts you want, login, and you’re good to go. What I really enjoyed with IM+ Pro is the integration with the iDevice. For example, you can just to swipe when you want to switch through chats with different people. This is my favorite feature, because it is so simple, yet so intuitive, and I haven’t seen it in any other app. I also liked the integrated Twitter support: you can view your friends’ timelines, as well as tweet, right from the app. You can also customize your backgrounds, which is very cool. They offer a bunch of other free backgrounds you can download with an internet connection. One pet peeve I developed with IM+ Pro is all of the thumbing through you have to do to find a specific setting, I think this could use some streamlining. Also, there were a couple of stability issues, where my wi-fi connection would crash, and once it was back on, IM+ just couldn’t seem to reconnect (I would have to reconnect). Also, when you try to send a message while offline, it just bring up a notification that says “No offline sending” and your message is gone. The message should be kept somehow, so the user can resend when online. Overall, IM+ Pro is a decent deal. It packs a lot of stuff (chat client, Twitter client, even a web browser) into one app, but some logistical issues prevent it from working at its best. Of course, these are small fixes on the developer’s part, so this app could reach its full potential soon, making the six bucks definitely worth it. For now, it boasts great iDevice integration and supports a ton of popular services, so it gets an 8 out of 10.



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