Last King of Africa 2

Publisher: BulkyPix-Price: $2.99- Last King of Africa 2 starts in Maurania. You as the player need to sneak around the surroundings trying to find missing items and animals. This app boasts stunning graphics making it seem like you are actually in the game,the gameplay is good, but poor interface makes it hard to use.  There is no formal tutorial, but before you start playing the game there are a few screenshots teaching you how to play.

During the game you will need to find objects in order to complete the objective. The game starts out as you drive a truck that carries a leopard. You crash and the leopard escapes, you explore through the jungle trying to find traces of the leopard. Also you will need to pick up objects such as branches, lighters, and leaves in order to proceed further in the game. You will encounter many people that will give you clues leading you to your objective such as a Village’s Chief and the medicine man. There are also many small mini games that occur during the game. The user interface of the app is ok; the buttons are small and hard to press resulting in one having to press the buttons several times. The game play of this app sometimes gets very exciting but other times become extremely boring. This app’s price to me is not worth the $2.99 because the user interface makes the game slow and hard to use. Overall, this app is decent but could be a lot better so it gets a 7.5 out of 10.


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