Machinarium Review

Publisher: Amanita–Price: $9.99–Games have been an integral part of the Mac App Store since its launch, and Machinarium is an example of a very unique game on the store. Let’s start with the purpose of the game: it is a puzzle, where you have a new brain teaser in each level. The feature that sets Machinarium apart is its stellar graphics.Each piece of scenery is intricately designed, which contributes to this amazing result. As for sound, the game has no dialogue, but has an interesting and catchy soundtrack. The game does not have a tutorial, and this is what it is lacking the most. It does have hints as to what the next step if the puzzle, and all of the steps in an illustrated list. Before seeing the list, though, you need to complete a short (yet entertaining) arcade game. As for controls, you simply point and click, and the robot will walk to that point, or complete that action. The problem I found with this application was that you could get stuck after a few levels, and after trying a few times, the game loses replay value. As for price, ten dollars seems very fair. For the amount of levels, graphics quality, and sheer creativity shown in the game, $10 is a steal for sure. Overall, Machinarium is quite the nifty game. It has great graphics and provides loads of fun, but could use a formal tutorial, so it gets an 8 out of 10.


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