Drift Mania Championship Review

Publisher: Ratrod Studio Inc., —  Price:$0.99 — Drift Mania Championship is a racing app that focuses more on the drift aspects of racing than other typical racing apps. You can unlock cars as you move through the game. There are not many different tracks, and on top of that, in order to acquire to those tracks, you must buy those racing tracks as an in app purchase. This is one aspect of the app that irritates me, because it feels to me as if they set a limit on top of a limit. There are two modes, a practice and a drift mode. Essentially, the only difference is that in Drift mode you get ranked. One mistake I made initally, was ignoring the tutorial when it asked me. I thought I could navigate to it later. Turns out that it is difficult to navigate to the tutorial, and I still haven’t found it yet. This is yet another flaw in the game.The game is not typical to racing game structure. The throttle is different because it is not simply go forward and go backward. Instead, there is one universal panel, in which you must slide your finger up and down to control the speed. This makes it harder to turn, and this results in sometimes chaotic drifting, depending on the situation. The graphics in this game are sub quality, not great, but not horrible. You would expect a higher quality compared to games of its genre. Everything in this game is a bit grainy. For exaample the scenery looks decent from afar, but as you approach the object of attention, it looks comparaitively crappier. I give this app credit for being different among most racing games. Overall, this app is decent, but you could expect better, so it gets a 7.5 out of 10.


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