Comic Book Review

Publisher: 3DTOPO–Price: $1.99–Remember our Halftone Review? This app reminded me of Halftone, because of all the effects and fonts (which we’ll get into later), but at the same time it gave an impression of the perfect Halftone. Maybe this is because Comic Book is an app that focuses on a much broader perspective, making comics, not just one effect. At the time of writing, Comic Book was app of the week on iTunes, a highly prestigious title, and one that gets me (as a reviewer) intrigued. Is it really measuring up to the definition the folks at Apple are giving it? For this app, the answer is definitely yes. Upon opening the app, it lets you pick a layout for your comic. You can then pick pictures from an album or take them instantly from your camera. Once you’ve got all of pictures, you can add all the goodies: text balloons, stickers, titles, and best of all: an effect for your picture. There were nine awesome effects, and I found that they really changed the look of your final product (in a good way of course). There were plenty of fun stickers, which made the final product that much more realistic. The final product looks great on a retina display, too. One suggestion I have for the developer is to add the ability to save a book as a project, as for now you can only work on one comic book at a time. Overall, this app is pretty narly. It’s got a unique concept, an easy-to-learn interface, a good amount of content, which all helps to make an amazing final product. For two bucks, this app is a steal, so get it while it’s hot. 9 out of 10, Thumbs up!



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