Flare Review

Publisher: The IconFactory–Price: $19.99–Flare is a photography app for Mac that allows the user to recolorize images, as well as retouch them to make a zesty product. The app itself gets points from me from being so simple: to start, you just drag a photo into the app to get started. You can do the basics with the presets provided, but I found that some of the presets were just a tweak of brightness settings, and weren’t very worthwhile. One effect I really liked was CCTV, so I changed our Mac Reviews banner to that effect below:

When you get tired of the presets, you can use the edit menu to put in your own trippy effects. You can also add some frames and borders, your basic photo editing components. You can save your photos to snapshots, which is a temporary place where you can easily go back and edit them. I thought Flare could use a little more…flare, per se. For example, there should be a way to take a photo from your webcam directly from the app. Even better, it would be cool to be able to apply these effects live to the webcam, so Flare could act as an enhanced Photo Booth with editing capabilities to Mac users. On a side note, Flare would make a good iDevice too, similar to Halftone for iDevice, which we recently reviewed. As far as stability, the app did well in our tests, only proving unresponsive once. Overall, Flare is a nice application. It has an simple/easy-to-learn user interface, and tons of tweaks, but I felt like the developer could step up the app, if it’s going to be priced at twenty dollars. That’s why it gets an 8 out of 10 from me.


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