Articles Review

Publisher: Sophiestication Software — Price:$2.99 —  Articles is an app that gives you a more pleasurable and adequate Wikipedia experience. The app gives you what the actual Wikipedia app doesn’t have. It makes the experience and endeavor more detailed and simply presents the resources and articles Wikipedia has into a more elegant form. For example, you can expand and shorten the sections just like the actual Wikipedia site, which is one feature that the actual Wikipedia does not have. You can also different tabs, which enables you to flip back and forth between different pages. For some unexplained reason, this app also manages to load articles faster than the Wikipedia app, at least for me. It also has a queue,which allows you to save articles, a customizable toolbar, which lets you change settings in a heartbeat. Articles best feature is definitely its design. It the 2010 Apple Design award, and definitely suited for this award. Articles takes the usefullness and essential features of Wikipeida, and makes it even better by making Wikipedia easier to use and navigate. Overall, Articles is a bit pricy for its genre, but it is worth it because it by far outclasses any other app of its genre such as the actual Wikipedia app. It crashes sometimes, but is generally stable. For these reasons, and its spectacular design, Articles gets a solid 9.5 out of 10. Thumbs up!


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