Airplane Traffic Review

Publisher: Gp Imports Inc., Software — Price:$0.99 — Airplane Traffic is an app that depicts you as a person who is in control of directing airplane traffic. Your job is to control the airplanes & other aircrafts and make them go into their correct runways/ landing pads. You simply have to draw a line from the aircraft to its destination. You lose when you have an aircraft crash into another aircraft. You can fast forward in the pause menu in order to speed up the process. The game comes with five diffferent map packs for you to play so that the game doesn’t get boring. You can see your high scores. This app is a complete knockoff of the infamous Flight Control. This gamestyle has been replicated too many times for the game to see orginal. The app itself looks nice, but Flight Control is more visually appealing. The gameplay is also smoother and easier to understand on Flight Control. Flight Control also has many more features. This game could have taken on a different concept and been much better, but it isn’t. Overall, even though the app has nice graphics and is mildly interesting, the concept has been used too many times, so it gets a 6.5 out of 10.


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