New iMacs: Hot or Not?

Apple released a new iMac a few weeks ago. It boasts a new processor, updated graphics, and an HD webcam (“FaceTime camera” as Apple calls it). The important thing to note with this update is that Apple is ramping up processor speeds and graphics capabilities to prepare the machines for the big update to OS X coming in just a few weeks (ad & link below).

 The new iMacs have a good amount of braun. When you think about it, it’s been updated all around: graphics, processor, and Thunderbolt ports, which allows you to transfer data at a practically exponentially faster rate. The real question is, though, where’s the beauty? The design is absolutely the same, which is good news for owners of older Macs, as without a design change, their Mac won’t be dubbed “the old Mac.” So does this really count as a significant update, if there are no design changes? Apple could have easily made these updates quietly, but they most likely want to prepare consumers for the big OS X update coming soon. My final verdict on this one is that the new iMacs are just ramped up versions of the old ones, but come June when the big OS X update is due, these iMacs will be pretty hot.


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