Videocue Review

Publisher:  Telestream–Price: $29–Videocue is a video presentation application for Mac. Its main feature is the built in teleprompter, where you can add text, and it will scroll as the video records. Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there. Videocue boasts a good amount of advanced features, including chroma keying and 3D graphics. This is nice, as thirty bucks for a teleprompter is way too much. As for chroma keying, the app comes with over forty backgrounds you can use, right out of the box. The interface is decent, and the app does have a wiki full of tutorials and tips (my tip is to make some video tutorials, as those are always best). The application runs smoothly, except at one point I couldn’t click on the settings panel under the prompter, as it was disabled for some reason. Exporting your video is a breeze: you can choose from preset formats, or customize it to your liking, as well as include subtitles (the text in the teleprompter) just by checking the box. I thought this was the best feature, as this makes it easily to make a video for the hearing impaired. The teleprompter itself is elegant and polished. You can speed up or slow down the teleprompter with ease, and it even predicts the time it will take to get through the video based on the text entered. I just wish for a way to import Microsoft Word documents directly into the teleprompter, as this would prove very useful. Below is an example of the full screen teleprompter with sample text:

Overall, Videocue is a neat video application. It’s got a good UI, great capabilities, and for a video app, it’s surprisingly robust stability for a video app. I just wish it had video tutorials and MS Word script importing, as that would make the app stellar. For now, this app gets a 9 out of 10 from me.


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