BoinxTV review

Publisher: Boinx Software–Price: $49.99 for Home Edition–BoinxTV is a live podcasting application that allows you to make newscast style videos from your Mac. The possibilities are endless: you can make a shopping channel style cast, sports movie, or a YouTube tech show, and those are just the samples. You can customize video sources, special effects, and other factors as well. Some of the features of this application are really impressive. For example, you can make a layer with four video sources running at the same time, to make a conference style podcast. You can also tweak the layer’s settings to your liking very easily. The application has some good tutorials that help you use the app, as it can get complicated when you start tinkering with the advanced features. One very disappointing issue there is with the app is that you cannot stream your podcast live on the web, on a service like Ustream. Your recording is saved as a QuickTime Movie, which you then can then upload to the web. This is surprising, as the app’s slogan is “Live in 3,2,1…” ! Aside from this, the capabilities of this application and it’s uniqueness would have caused me to give it a stellar rating, if it wasn’t for it’s stability. I can honestly say that this app has the worst stability I’ve ever seen on a Mac. I tried everything when testing it out: I logged out all the other users, and was just running Microsoft Word as a screen prompt. The app still crashed at least four times, including once in the middle of a recording. Overall, I thought BoinxTV was a good app, but until the developers fix the substantial stability issues, it really isn’t much. This app gets a 5 out of 10 from me.



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