Doodle Hockey Review

Publisher: Acceleroto — Price: $0.99 — Doodle Hockey is an app that turns the real life game of air hockey into a cartoonized graph paper version of itself. You can change the settings of the table, puck, and mallets to suit your style.

The gameplay is simple and sticks simply to the concept of air hockey. However, you can choose the option of putting in 2 pucks to increase difficulty. You can also change the difficulty level of the CPU if you are playing against one to seven different levels of difficulty. The game also comes with a 2 player mode, as well as tournament mode. Doodle Hockey is also equipped with Openfient and Gamecenter, so it is well designed for multiplayer usage. The app is fairly stable, and doesn’t crash very often. The graphics are a bit scratchy(because its doodle), but still of decent quality. Doodle Hockey is delivered decently, but really has nothing special to offer compared to the other air hockey apps out there. Overall the app gets a 7.5 because it is decent, stable, fun, but it really has nothing new to offer that is innovative or makes it stand out.


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