iFrogz iPod Touch 4 Case Review

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Cases are always an excellent investment for any product. They protect your device, and give it some style at the same time. The iFrogz iPod Touch 4 “Luxe” case does an excellent job at protecting the iPod Touch: it boasted a tough material with a soft finish, that’s thick enough so the iPod isn’t heavily damaged after a fall. On the inside, the case is lined with felt, so the iPod doesn’t get scratched when inside the case. I thought this was really smart, and it’s most definitely a first in iPod cases. The case has two components (a top and bottom) which click and connect around the iPod. It’s a little bit tough to get the two to click, but once you do get it done, the case is a great fit. It’s well measured, and fits snugly on the device, giving it a good amount of protection. One issue with the case is that the connector juts out of the case, which means the iPod is never flat in the case. This can be an issue, especially for people who play games on their iPod. As for style, it comes in a couple different colors, so you can get the look you want. The case costs thirty bucks, which is an average price. Overall, the iFrogz Luxe case for iPod Touch 4 is really nice. It’s well designed, thanks to the tough material and felt lining, and it protects the device well. Thumbs up!


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