OmmWriter Dana Review

Publisher: Herraiz Soto & Co–Price: $4.99–OmmWriter Dana is an application that enables you to have full focus and concentration when writing. It is a full screen app that takes you away from all your Mac’s distractions, and helps you focus with the subtle soundtrack and clean backgrounds while you write. One of the nice things about this application is that it makes it so much easier for ideas to flow, when Facebook isn’t screaming for your attention right next to where you’re writing. It also has good integration with the rest of the Mac: when I pushed command+tab to switch apps, the app changed and the music stopped in a timely manner. OmmWriter Dana had just the right amount of simplicity, as there weren’t too many settings to play around with, but there were still a couple of fonts and sizes so you could get your text looking just the way you like it. A big issue I had with Ommwriter was that you can’t save your work as a Word document. Everyone knows Word is the basis of word processing, and if you can’t save your work as a Word document, it’s pretty much useless when it comes to exporting the document and sharing it with others. Despite this issue, Ommwriter Dana really has a unique kick to it. The first time I opened it, I was thinking to myself: what’s the use of this? Now that Word 2011 has a full-screen view, that already does the job, without having to pay an extra five bucks. After testing out the application for a few minutes, I realized that Ommwriter Dana is totally different than Word’s full-screen view, it’s an elaborate way to get you thinking clearly, using peaceful backdrops and music. With that said, not everyone will like this app, because it doesn’t have many customization options for the final document, and has limited exporting possibilities. Overall, OmmWriter Dana is a good application, as it has a unique concept, and some nice music and backgrounds that keep you focused when writing. However, it still has some issues, like the lack of options when exporting your final work, which is why it gets an 8 out of 10.

Text Area & Options Bar

One of the many peaceful backdrops


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