Final Freeway Review

Publisher: Davide Pasca–Price: $0.99–Final Freeway is a retro arcade racing game for iDevice. It emulates some of the old Nintendo racing games from the nineties, and does a pretty good job doing that. The graphics are retro (that’s not bad in this case), and the car you use is always a red Ferrari. There are a variety of different tracks and modes, as well as Game Center integration. There are options to change the controls to touch-based, but I found that it made the car much harder to control. There is a total 8 courses, and you can also play in shuffled mode, where the courses change as you continue racing. Despite being a “retro” game, I was quite impressed by the clean graphics on this title, as it made the game funner and added a realistic dimension to it. For ninety nine cents, this game was a load of fun. When downloading the app, I thought the lack of courses and car customization would lower replay value, but it was the opposite. I didn’t really notice these issues once I started playing, since the game’s good graphics and engaging gameplay kept me entertained for a long time. Overall, I really liked Final Freeway. For the price, it’s a fun game, with superior graphics and a high replay value. It could use a little more course variety though, so it gets a 9 out of 10, Thumbs up!


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