Cows vs. Aliens Review

Publisher: XMG Studios Inc. —  Price: $0.99 — Cows vs. Aliens is an app that depicts a creative scenario in which you try to corral your cows into a barn, while at the same time preventing aliens mixed in with the cows from getting in. Once the alien gets in, your cows have been “abducted” and you have to start 0ver. The app makes use of the multitouch screen by allowing you to use multiple fingers to form miniature force fields to direct your cows in to the barn door. If necessary, you can push the aliens over the edge. Only problem is that some times you may push the cows over too. The cows come in waves. If you don’t complete the objective (amount of cows) within the time limit, you also lose. The apps graphics are decent and  the concept itself is pretty innovative. Lack of Gamecenter, is an issue, but other than that the app is stable, easy to understand in fun each time you play it. You can also publish your score onFacebook and Twitter. Overall, the app gives you a simple game in a nice packaged delivery, and although the app is simple, it retains its appeal and is at a fairly low price, so it gets a 9 out of 10. Thumbs Up!


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