Startupizer Review

Publisher: Gentle Bytes–Price: $5.99–The best way to summarize the purpose of Startupizer is easy: it’s an app for all your other apps. You can set up applications that you want to open on start up in System Preferences, and Startupizer brings the user’s control up a notch. You can set up advanced settings, like time based executions, where you pick the day and time when the app should open up. You can also open an app (or prevent it from opening) with some simple keystrokes that you chose. Essentially, Startupizer does what it promises: it’s a reliable way to manage your apps. I just felt that it should take the concept a little further, and streamline a few things. For example, Startupizer is the perfect fit for an app that belongs in the menu bar, because it always seems to clutter up my dock for no reason. Also, the developer should add keystrokes to not only open the app, but open a document (eg: open Word and a Word document), as this would put it ahead of Apple’s System Preferences. Since you can already set keyboard shortcuts for apps in System Preferences, and with Resume (which lets you restart your computer and find it just the way you left it) coming soon in OS X Lion, Startupizer may be left behind the game. Six dollars isn’t too bad, and this app does have some good features, but I felt like it just wasn’t good enough. This is why it gets a 7 out of 10 from me.


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