GoReader Review

Publisher: Light Room–Price: $4.99–GoReader is an iDevice app (working both on iPhone/iTouch and iPad) that’s for reading RSS Feeds, and it syncs your Google Reader account to do so. The best thing about this app is the way it organizes all of your news in an easy way, thanks to its awesome interface. When you open up the app, it organizes your news into your Google Reader Categories (by source), and by some categories made by GoReader (Shared news, noted news, etc). Refreshing you news is easy, just tap refresh at the top left. You can toggle loads of different settings by touching the settings at the top left. One of the crucial features in RSS applications is an in app browser, because without it, going between Safari and the app is too much work, and it’s smarter just to check your Google Reader account on Safari to start. One suggestion I have for the developer is to have a setting to turn of the number that sticks out of the app’s icon (like in Mail) telling you how many news items you haven’t read, because it’s irritating when the number is in the four digits. Also, there should be push notifications for new items, and a way to toggle which sources you want notifications for. This would put GoReader ahead of the other apps, and make it well worth the somewhat steep price of five bucks. Overall, though, this app was well designed, stable, and ideal for reading news, thanks to its in app browser. This is why it gets a 9 out of 10, Thumbs up.


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