Game Center: Hot or Not?

Game Center. It’s the standard for high scores, achievements, and multiplayer games on iDevice. It was released back in September of 2010, and it has since been included right out of the box for any device running iOS 4. It was created to compete with other high score networks like Plus+ and Openfeint, as well as bring gaming on iDevice up to a higher standard. Lots of people use Game Center, and many developers have adapted it in their games, but is it really that great?

Game Center is an application where you can sync your iTunes account, and it automatically syncs all of your games for you. It has three core functions: a high score board, a way to track achievements, and a way to play multiplayer via wi-fi or Bluetooth. At AppRecap, one of the standards we check for in games, because it makes all three of those standards easy to manage and compare with your friends. So really, there’s just one big problem with Game Center: finding friends. Nobody really asks, “Can I friend you on Game Center?” But everyone does ask that for Facebook, so Game Center really won’t be adequate until it can sync with your friends on Facebook. One of the few good things with Facebook Games (apart from ads in all directions, bad graphics, and the fact that they always want your money) is that you can compare scores with the hundreds of friends most people have. Game Center is great, but it has failed at creating its own social network. So I think it’s time they lean on Facebook, thereby creating the perfect gaming network. Until this happens, though, I have to say that Game Center really isn’t that hot.


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