The Incident Review

Publisher: Big Bucket Software — Price: $1.99 — The Incident is an app reminicent of old arcade games. It takes you back to a different era, a time before iPhone OS. The game is a fairly simple concept. It is a simple app. THe concept is  basically that items are falling from the sky, and you must move out of the way and then jump on top of the items after they land. You are notified of an incoming object at the top of the screen. A white flash appears, and thena  few seconds later it lands. There are two modes, story and survival. The story mode is called ” The Rise and Fall of Frank Solway”. It gets increasingly harder as you move on. The survival mode starts out hard and remains hard throughout its entirety. You die in this game if you are hit 3 times on top of the head. You can send your results to your twitter after it is done. You can earn different awards by completing different achievements in the game. You can adjust your sensiticity which will enable you to either move your iPod/ iPhone more or less. The app is Game center compatible. You can also use your iPod/ iPhone as controller if you have an iPad to control. You can also collect tdifferent items and artifacts throughout the games to boost your health. Overall, the app has decent stability, has a great user interface, and has retro style graphics which are pretty cool. It is a little pricy though, so I’m going to give it a 7.5 out of 10.


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