The Impossible Game Review

Publisher: Fluke Dude Ltd. — Price: $0.99 — The Impossible Game really does live up to its name. The game consists of a scenario where you have to make a square jump over boxes and other obstacles. In regular mode, as soon as you die, you have to start over again. In practice mode, you can set checkpoints up for yourself. The checkpoints are a very useful feature bacause for one thing thera re unlimited amount of them. You can also remove checkpoints if they are in an unadvisable location. The controls of the game are quite simple. You just have to press and hold to jump over anything. THe game is extremely hard, so don’t expect a picnic if you download it. You can earn different medals and stats if you accomplish them, such as completing level 1 on practice, or not quitting after 500 attempts. Even though the game is simple, it is increasingly addicting, until you simply feel humbled. Overall this game delivers a game which it promised, and it is fairly cheap. The app doesn’t crash often, and has decent graphics, so I give it a 9 out of 10. Thumbs up!


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