Wild Slide Review

Publisher: Invictus Games Ltd–Price: $0.99–Wild Slide is a game where you control a bobsleigh with your iDevice, and try not to crash, in order to progress through the various levels. There are few games on iDevice that emulate winter sports, so that’s a plus right off the bat. There are 16 different bobsleighs you can play on, which adds variety and replay value to the game. There is a training mode and a championship mode, both of which seemed as hard to me, it’s just you are timed in the championship mode (and have to beat a certain time to continue). The graphics in Wild Slide are okay, they’re not anything spectacular, so don’t expect retina quality graphics on this one. The one thing I saw that was really missing with this game was Game Center. It does currently have Openfeint, but that’s just for scores. This game would be a lot more desirable if there was Game Center multiplayer included. After all, sledding is a sport where you compete against others, so why should we only be able to play against a computer? This really needs to be added, as it would add replay value and a fun new component to the game. Overall, Wild Slide is a decent game. It’s got an innovative concept, solid stability, a good gameplay, and a fair price. With that said, the graphics could definitely be improved, and Game Center multiplayer is something that’s really needed in the game. That’s why it gets an 8 out of 10 from me.


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