Tiny Wings Review

Publisher: Andreas Illiger–Price: $0.99–What’s with birds and being the #1 game on the App Store? After months of Angry Birds being #1, Tiny Birds recently overtook it. Tiny Wings is an arcade game where you touch your iDevice in order to control a small bird, and get it to fly through the most islands in the knick of time. I really liked the graphics in this game: the scenery is elaborate and interesting, even as you progress through the levels. The controls are simple: touch the screen when the bird is going down a hill to gain momentum, and then let go once he’s going up the hill. This will get him up to fly, which is the goal of the game. Your points increase based on the time elapsed. There’s a tutorial in the game, but it could be improved, as it’s just a guide, there’s no actual tutorial level (those are ideal for this type of game). For just a dollar, Tiny Wings is both a great game and a stellar app. It seems it’s been tailored to perfection to the last facet (even the soundtrack is awesome). If you don’t trust my judgement, maybe you’ll trust the thousands of reviews on iTunes that seem to agree with me:

Basically, you can forget about Angry Birds, it’s all about this happy hopeful bird.

–Aldex Oun

Best 99 cents I ever spent in the app store.


As for me, this undoubtedly is one of the best games I’ve ever played on iDevice. 10 out of 10, Thumbs up!


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