Together Review

Publisher: Steve Harris–Price: $39.95–Together is a Mac application that allows you to keep everything organized. Let’s be honest: Finder is great, but it’s very basic, and I sometimes have a hard time finding documents with it. With Together, everything stays organized. Conceptually, it’s supposed to act as a file organizer for your Mac, but some people have found additional uses for it, like a way to keep interesting web sites in one place where they won’t get cluttered. When you first open Together, it asks you if you’d like to import some of your own documents to make a new Together Library, which is useful. To me, the crucial thing about an organization application is that the app itself has to be organized. Together fulfills this requirement, with its elegant yet simple user interface. On the left is a panel that categorizes your files by type (images, web pages, documents, etc.) and by the groups you’ve created. Plus, when you have Together open, you can drag and drop files into the window, or onto the small probe window that sticks to the right of your screen (this is useful because you don’t even need to toggle programs). Another cool feature is the built in viewer, which allows you to view PDF Documents, Quicktime Movies, and other media directly inside the application. You can also add labels to the items in Together, which ensures even more organization. Overall, Together is a pretty cool application. It promises to organize your Mac in an easy and efficient manner, and it does just that. The only problem with it is the price tag: forty bucks is really steep, so my suggestion is to download the trial off of their website first to see if it’s worth the money. Aside from this, it really is a good app, and it really runs smoothly and keeps everything organized (even if it does carry a heavy price tag), so it gets an 8.5 out of 10.


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