Hungry Shark 3

Publisher: Future Games of London — Price:$0.99 — Hungry Sharks which puts you as a shark in the sea. Your goal is to keep on eating food, so that you don’t run out of health. As you eat more food, you can level up. Leveling up increases your size and your boost. Some fish are inedible, such as the spikey fish and the prickly fish, so you have to watch out for those.  You can also get beached, if you swim to close to shore. Your food varies depending how deep into the sea you are.  If you are colse to the surface you can eat birds that are flying close to the sea, or you can even eat humans . Typically, the more bigger the animal you eat, the more health points and closer to leveling up you are.  You l ose the game when you run out of health. You run out of health when you take gaps in between eating food. Every second that you are not wating, you slowly lose energy(health). You have a feature called Boost which allows you to speed up in case you are in pursuit of fast moving prey. However, the boost also eventually runs out. he game has decent graphics, and is presented fairly well on the iPod/iPhone display. Hungry Sharks 3 also comes with Gamecenter compatibility. The app is stable, and simple and easy to understand. You can choose your control options, which are either touch or acclerometer. My only suggestion for this app would be to include more levels, and to add some change to the game, or else it might get a tad bit monotonous. Overall, the app has nice graphics, easy to use interface, but could use a little more features, so it gets an 8 out of 10.


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