Cosmos Runner Review

Publisher: EASY Inc–Price: $0.99–Cosmos Runner is an arcade game for iDevice where you have to drive a space ship around obstacles as far as you can, until you crash or finish. The game really is that simple: just tilt your iDevice to guide the spaceship. In settings, you can change this to touch controls, which I found were better.

The animation in this game is really the aspect that sets it apart. It has this comic-like, drawn feel that’s really intriguing and makes the game a lot funner. The game also features a level creator, which allows you to create and customize levels using spaceships and weapons, from scratch. You can also customize the spaceship you use, by going into the airport area of the menu. There is also Game Center integration, which is good, but it could be expanded. A nice addition would be to play head to head against a friend over wi-fi, and see who gets farther in distance. I liked the style of the game, but there are a few aspects of it that could be streamlined. For example, every time you lose, there is no button to play again, you have to touch menu, wait for it to load and then play again. There should just be a play again button! Also, the buttons were unresponsive at times, which can be annoying. There were advertisements in the game menus, which was irritating, as no one wants ads on a paid game. Overall, I liked this game. It has a nice style and gameplay, but the Game Center aspect could be improved, and some minor adjustments are needed (like a “play again” button right when you lose). This is why the game gets an 8.5 out of 10.


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